Venus Lux Fucks Mike!

by Venus Lux

Having her alone and all to myself, I acquiesce to our passions; she is so beautiful and skilled. Kissing intensely, I move my hands onto her body, feeling her hard nipples and engorged cock. Ebbing and flowing, our mouths and hands reach places of pleasure; I tell her, “I want that cock.” Swallowing her, she pumps up into my mouth and looks on wantonly. As we caress, our bodies slide against one another; she is perfect.

Inside of me, her every inch fills me with arousing sensations as she too moans. Sliding down onto her shaft, she then thrusts up from below and grabs my cock; she quips, “don’t cum yet.” Expressing her dirty desires, I agree, she can take whatever she wants of me. Mutually satisfying each other, she already has me edging while my cock leaks droplets of precum. I beg her to, “fill me up,” and she will, on her own terms. In a final missionary position, my legs fall open yet again while my hole winks for her. Spewing her load all over my groin, I cum as well. She gives me a giggle and says, “round two?!”

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